A young gifted druid boy whose clan was tragically slaughtered by evil beasts in The Vastwood Wilds


Character Sheet

A pre-teen half-elven boy with tousled silver hair, verdant green eyes, and pale white skin. He’s athletic, a little gritty, and looks like he’s seen a lot despite his youth. His eyes belie a particularly capricious streak of Elvishness in him that must surely lead to trouble at the worst possible moments.

His most notable accessory is a large Totem Staff with many celestial-tattooed beasts carved into it’s knotted wood. Strapped to his off-hand is a wooden buckler. Rough porous stones cling to the outside of it like barnacles to the hull of a ship but a dull red glow emenates from them indicating they likey throw off a great deal of heat.

He wears studded leather armor over simple garments and that look to give him great freedom of movement. Strapped to his feet and halfway up his calves are a pair of very warm looking fur-lined boots


11 yo. Half-Elf male Druid (4)

Physical Description:
Young boy with silvery hair, snow white skin, and green eyes.

Knowledge: Druidic arts, clans of The Vastwood Wilds
Occupation: Adventurer: Druid (4)
History: Entire clan killed.
Characteristic: impulsive
High Ability Adjectives: perceptive when he wants to be
Low Ability Adjectives: comes off as brash and inconsiderate
Mannerisms: fidgety
Interaction: hyperactive
Born In: The Vastwood Wilds

A young boy, last survivor of his the Merka Clan who were brutally slaughtered by evil creatures in The Vastwood Wilds. He has never known a life outside of the forest where he has learned to survive and hide well. He holds a powerful relic of his clan, a totem staff which is the focus of his druidic powers. His family taught him the art of taking on the shapes of beasts, which he used to escape the slaughter of his clan and continues to use to this day for his survival.

Background: (Outlander)
I came to understand the darkness that lurks in the wilds, and I vowed to combat it.

Class: (Druid)
While I was growing up I saw spirits all around me, entities that no one else could perceive. I sought out the druids to help me understand the visions and communicate with these beings.

Life Events:
Entire clan was killed by evil creatures in The Vastwood Wilds
A friendly gnome wizard named Kellen Beren gave me a spell scroll from which I learned the Shillelagh cantrip.

Parents: Uthemar, Elama
Siblings: Vanauth, Claira
Children: …, …, …
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: The source of the evil in The Vastwood Wilds, Anghus, Io Fadisforeward, Vuldoth,
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Kellen Beren, Wynn, Jubilation Jones, Glakk, Jelin Caydensong, Ketil Sol, Lorekeeper Colgan Ent, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Arieres, Ielena, Raxz, Ters Reid, Spoony Witterism, En’vie Mortel, Breap

Current Story Arc:

The zone of comfort

Zane was growing up as a precocious young druid in his druid clan living deep in the wilds of The Vastwood.

The need

The encroaching evil of The Vastwood wiped out his entire clan leaving him as the only survivor. He was living homeless and alone for a while. Zane is in desperate need of a new family, and community. If he does not find a greater purpose in life, he will have only his need for revenge against those who killed his clan to drive him.

The journey

Zane stopped hiding from evil things the day he joined his friends Wynn, Glakk and Jubilation to help defend the village of Dale. Now he travels with Glakk and Jubilation hoping to test his mettle against ever stronger monsters so that he might have a chance at destroying the evil that took his clan away from him.

The search

Zane must test the limits of his strength against terrible foes before he can prove to himself that he is capable of confronting the great evil that his infested his homeland.

The reveal

With each battle Zane seems to grow stronger, often saving his friends from certain doom, and they are themselves formidable in combat. Is he strong enough to face the evil in the forest alone? His friends seem too occupied with their own goals to be willing the run off into a perilous wilderness adventure. But someday in the not too distant future, he must make things right in The Vastwood.

The price

What will Zane sacrifice to stop the evil in the forest? His friends? His life?

The return

Will Zane ever return to his home?

The change

Will Zane cleanse The Vastwood Wilds of evil and rebuild his clan?


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