Svan Fulbout

Captain of The Dragonguard, ProudHome District, Lower Precinct


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Physical Description:
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Knowledge: Sailing, Combat tactics, Dragonguard, Proudhome district, Port District
Occupation: Dragonguard
History: ex-pirate
Characteristic: serious
High Ability Adjectives: hardy
Low Ability Adjectives: not eloquent
Mannerisms: always looking over shoulder
Interaction: Keen listener
Born In:

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Background: (Sailor)
Was a pirate in his youth

Class: (Fighter[Battle Master])
Lost his crew mates in a violent attack, vowed to never let that happen again and trained with The Dragonguard to learn how to become a tactical fighter.

Life Events:
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Enemies: Io Fadisforeward, Anghus
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Ingtak Kabul, Ketil Sol, Ters Reid, En’vie Mortel, Arieres, Jubilation Jones, Spoony Witterism, Nesirath, Ielena, Raxz, Zane, Wynn, Glakk

Svan Fulbout

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