An enigmatic Cleric from another land, obsessed with relics of Ghul'Gol


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Physical Description:
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Knowledge: Risa, Ghul’Gol
Occupation: Working for Jelin Caydensong to find the relics of Ghul’Gol
History: branded a mad man and ostracized by his people in the lands to the south from whence he hails
Characteristic: Prone to predictions of certain doom
High Ability Adjectives: insightful, prescient
Low Ability Adjectives: awkward around people
Mannerisms: pulls down on his hat to hide his face
Interaction: quiet and subdued
Born In: A land to the south (Not The Jungles Of Tlacotlan)

[Childhood story]

Background: (Hermit)
Ostracized for his odd behavior, retired away from his people to meditate on his visions.

Class: (Cleric[Trickery Domain])
Was raised into a sect of trickster clerics who serve the ascended god Risa.

Life Events:
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Children: …, …, …
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: Nasser, Io Fadisforeward, Anghus
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Jelin Caydensong, Spoony Witterism, Jubilation Jones, Ielena, Ketil Sol, Arieres, Nesirath, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Zane, Wynn


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