A faithful devotee of Ghul'Gol


Physical Description:
A young woman with olive skin, long dark hair, and bright blue eyes.

Knowledge: Ghul’Gol
Occupation: Ghul’Gol cultist
History: Orphan raised by cultists
Characteristic: boorish
High Ability Adjectives: Persuasive, attractive
Low Ability Adjectives: feeble, frail
Mannerisms: rolls her eyes at everyone
Interaction: suspicious
Born In: Dragonfell

The cult provided a comfortable upbringing for Nesirath and her siblings. They were raised communally and benefited from the collective resources of the sect. They were raised in an old modestly kept mansion estate in The Covet District of Dragonfell. Nesirath was generally well liked and happy in her childhood.

Background: (Acolyte)
Nesirath was raised since birth to be an acolyte. Spent some time with her fellow acolytes on a mission to The Jungles Of Tlacotlan to spread faith in the cult but also to look for other information/relics of Ghul’Gol that might be found on the southern shores of The Insea.

Class: (Warlock)
Ghul’Gol reached out to Nesirath through the book of Ghul’Gol and she entered a pact with him. The pact is simple. He provides Nesirath with powerful magic and Nesirath forwards his interests on the material plane.

Nesirath is mostly left to her own devices with no interference from her patron. Sometimes she dreads the demands he will make when he does appear.

Nesirath is often overwhelmed with an obsessive need to study her book of Ghul’Gol which can lead to her not sleeping at all.

When channeling magic from her patron, the irises of Nesirath’s eyes become a luminescent blue.

Life Events:
Nesirath earned and saved away 7pp from her work as an acolyte
Nesirath met and befriended a famous explorer, Takeo
Nesirath’s love interest, Nochtli, wask illed by Citalmina, who is now Nesirath’s sworn enemy.

Parents: (acolytes of The House Of The Blessed Chosen)
Siblings: Mokosh, Pura, Chandra, Vonbin, Werydd
Romantic Interests: Nochtli
Enemies: Citalmina, Nasser
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Takeo, Ketil Sol, Arieres, Jamek, Jahana, Jubilation Jones, Raxz, Zane, Glakk, Jelin Caydensong, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Wynn


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