Nenetl Jones

One of Jubilation's siblings


34 yo. Half-Elf male
Neutral, friendly toward Jubilation
Alive and doing poorly in The Proudhome District

Physical Description:
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Knowledge: Military, strategy, martial combat
Occupation: Soldier
History: Jubilation Jones’s older
High Ability Adjectives:
Low Ability Adjectives:
Born In: The Temple Of The Vale

Born in The Vale but spent a great deal of childhood at The Light On The Lake with her father. Nenetl and his 5 siblings’ upbringing was modest. With no true permanent residence, they traveled a lot with her father‘s archaeology pursuits and her mother’s entertainment pursuits.

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Life Events:
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Parents: Etalpalli Jones, Quelenna Galanodel
Siblings: Jubilation Jones, Claira Galanodel, Teuicui (Too Chewy) Jones, Thierastra Galanodel, Anastriana Galanodel
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Nenetl Jones

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