Keith Hogcollar

A high ranking member of the Westroads Highwaymen and Glakk's adoptive father by way of kidnapping.


82 yo. Halfling male
Chaotic Evil, hostile to Glakk
Alive and well in The Vastwood

Glakk’s adoptive (kidnapper/owner) father. Husband to Ranala Pilwicken, crime boss of the Westroads Highwaymen. Keith is also a high ranking member of the Westroads Highwaymen.

Physical Description:
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Knowledge: highway bandit bands of the The North Shores
Occupation: High ranking member of the Westroads Highwaymen
History: Raised Glakk and his siblings
High Ability Adjectives:
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Born In:

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Background: (Background)
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Class: (Class)
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Life Events:
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Parents: …, …, …
Siblings: …, …, …
Children: Glakk, Crash, Mhurren, Shautha, Ignatia Of The Vastwood, Eyegouger, Azza Chant, Tick Tock, Seere Hate
Romantic Interests: Ranala Pilwicken
Enemies: Glakk
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: …, …, …

Keith Hogcollar

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