Jubilation Jones

An adventuring, treasure hunting, former academic.


30 yo. Half-Elf female Rogue (4)

Physical Description:
[A description of the character’s physical appearance.]

Knowledge: History, Archeology, Legendary Magical Items, Architecture, Dungeoneering
Occupation: Adventurer: Rogue (4), treasure hunter
History: Former student and academic from The Light On The Lake
Characteristic: impetuous
High Ability Adjectives: quick and nimble
Low Ability Adjectives: lacks fortitude
Mannerisms: hands always close to weapons
Interaction: smug
Born In: The Temple Of The Vale

Born in The Vale but spent a great deal of childhood at The Light On The Lake with her father. Jubilation and her 5 siblings’ upbringing was modest. With no true permanent residence, they traveled a lot with her father‘s archaeology pursuits and her mother’s entertainment pursuits. Her family spent some time in The Jungles Of Tlacotlan while her father was on an archeological dig. Jubilation had a few close friends and lived an ordinary childhood. Her mentor’s (???) teachings opened her mind to new possibilities in her field of study, namely that the legendary relics of Ghul’Gol could be real.

Background: (Sage)
I lost my job as an academic at The Light On The Lake. I am still welcome there, but I am no longer allowed to teach or speak in any official capacity there.

Class: (Rogue)
My area of expertise is the discovery of great artifacts lost to history. Throughout my years of practicing this profession, I’ve picked up the skills of both a rogue and an investigator.

Life Events:
Earned 14gp working as an academic
Met Vonana Helcral

Parents: Etalpalli Jones, Quelenna Galanodel
Siblings: Claira Galanodel, Teuicui (Too Chewy) Jones, Thierastra Galanodel, Anastriana Galanodel, Nenetl Jones
Children: …, …, …
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: Darrak Rubyeye, Nasser, Vuldoth, Io Fadisforeward, Anghus
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Vonana Helcral, Raxz, Glakk, Zane, Spoony Witterism, Ielena, Nesirath, Jelin Caydensong, Arieres, Nesirath, Ketil Sol, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Ters Reid, Lorekeeper Colgan Ent, Wynn, Jamek, Jahana, Breap

Current Story Arc

The zone of comfort

Jubilation was an academic working for The Light on the Lake seeking ancient relics and secrets.

The need

Jubilation’s belief in legends long discredited by her fellow academics and her penchant for ‘unauthorized extraction of priceless artifacts’ ended up getting barred from official expeditions. She now works as a freelance archeologist. She needs to prove her theories have been right all along, but she’ll settle for treasure.

The journey

Jubilation has been working for Jelin to retreive artifacts of great power for him and his Temple of Cayden

The search

Jubilation is searching for a collection of legendary artifacts associated with the the cult of Ghul’Gol which were until recently considered mythical, and not legitimate historical objects. After finding the first, she’s well on her way to proving she was right. Now she is bent on finding the remaining artifacts.

The reveal

The Eye of Ghul’Gol is real, though everyone said it was not. Surely this means the other artifacts of Ghul’Gol are real as well? It remains to be seen.

The price

The Eye of Ghul’Gol seems to have robbed Jubilation of some portion of her free will. For now, at least, this has little consequence since the artifact’s goals and her own are perfectly aligned.

The return

There are many factions in Dragonfell who would like to get their hands on these artifacts of rare power. To whom will she entrust these artifacts once she has found them all and proven herself to those self-righteous lorekeepers who discredited her? Will she attempt to keep them for herself?

The change

Whoever wields the power of these artifacts that Jubilation brings into the dailight will surely have the power to change the course of local politics.

Jubilation Jones

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