Jelin Caydensong

Head Cleric of The Temple of Cayden


Patron of ‘the player party’ (You guys gotta give this thing a name, yo.)

Physical Description:
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Knowledge: Cayden, Brewing, Lore
Occupation: Ex-adventurer Bard (?) Cleric (?), Brewmaster of The Temple Of Cayden
History: Adventured throughout The North Shores in his youth as a bard. Settled down and became a cleric of Cayden.
Characteristic: friendly to everyone
High Ability Adjectives: fast to make friends
Low Ability Adjectives: not the toughest fighter
Mannerisms: Eyes scanning every face
Interaction: good listener
Born In:

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Background: (Background)
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Class: (Bard) (Cleric)
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Life Events:
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Parents: …, …, …
Siblings: …, …, …
Children: Spoony Witterism (ward)
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: …, …, …
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Jubilation Jones, Raxz, Ielena, Ketil Sol

Jelin Caydensong

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