Ingtak Kabul

Disgraced Dwarven military cook, honor-bound to Svan


Ingtak and his comrade Svan Fulbout are somewhat corrupted members of The Dragonguard that agreed to join Jubilation Jones and her traveling companions to seek treasure and ancient relics in The Mausoleum of Heroes in exchange for a share of the treasure. Unexpectedly, they got sucked through a portal and ended up fighting in Dale during The Sacking Of Dale.

Ingtak and Svan Fulbout brought back a prisoner from that skirmish that ended up escaping and rampaging through their district not long after. Jubilation Jones and her comrades were back in that neighborhood not long after and were able to catch the boar/man and put him in the jailhouse again.

Physical Description:
[A description of the character’s physical appearance.]

Knowledge: Cooking, warfare, Dwarven culture
Occupation: Dragonguard
History: Exiled from Dwarven lands
Characteristic: Easy to anger
High Ability Adjectives: strong
Low Ability Adjectives: rude
Mannerisms: grumbles to himself
Interaction: blunt and to the point
Born In:

[Childhood story]

Background: (Soldier)
Was a cook in the Dwarven military.

Class: (Barbarian[Berserker])
Fought with reckless abandon and no respect for authority.

Life Events:
Was eventually exiled from Dwarven society due to his insubordination.

Parents: …, …, …
Siblings: …, …, …
Children: …, …, …
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: Io Fadisforeward, Anghus
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Svan Fulbout, Ketil Sol, En’vie Mortel, Ters Reid, Spoony Witterism, Nesirath, Arieres, Ielena, Jamek, Jahana, Jubilation Jones, Raxz, Zane, Wynn, Glakk

Ingtak Kabul

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