A former bandit on the run and looking for adventure


Physical Description:
A wingless humanoid crow, the size of an average human male.

Knowledge: Pit fighting, highway bandit bands of the The North Shores
Occupation: Pit fighter, adventurer
History: Slave to a band of bandits, runaway
Characteristic: curious
High Ability Adjectives: quick and nimble
Low Ability Adjectives: not good at coming up with novel ideas (Kenku)
Mannerisms: distractable
Interaction: reserved
Born In: The Vastwood

Taken/sold by family and raised by bandits. The bandits amassed enough wealth to raise Glakk comfortably. He lived among one of the high bandit families in a forest stronghold. Others saw him as different or strange, so he had few companions. His family taught him his criminal skills to prepare him for a life as a bandit.

Background: (Criminal)
His family taught him his criminal and fighting skills to prepare him for a life as a bandit.

Class: (Fighter)
He wanted to hone his combat skills so started participating heavily in the pit fights. Learned fighting through the school of hard knocks.

Life Events:
Met Priya Kishori, who helped him escape his bandit life.

Parents: Keith Hogcollar, Ranala Pilwicken
Siblings: Crash, Mhurren, Shautha, Ignatia Of The Vastwood, Eyegouger, Azza Chant, Tick Tock, Seere Hate
Romantic Interests: NONE
Enemies: Ranala Pilwicken, Keith Hogcollar, Anghus, Io Fadisforeward, Vuldoth, Nasser
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Priya Kishori, Jubilation Jones, Zane, Nesirath, Wynn, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Arieres, Ielena, Lorekeeper Colgan Ent, Spoony Witterism, Jelin Caydensong, Ketil Sol, Ters Reid, Breap

Current story arc:

The zone of comfort

Raised communally with his siblings and cousins in band of Kenku but sold/kidnapped at a very young age and raised by notorious highwaymen, the only real home Glakk can remember.

The need

A day comes when Glakk realizes there’s more to life than simply proving his worth in the fighting ring and as a criminal. He deserted his owners/family and set out to become an adventurer of sorts. At worst, Glakk just wants to find some shiny things to call his own. At best, he seeks a greater purpose than the one he has known. Acquiring the capacity for flight would be a nice bonus as well, as this is any Kenku’s dream.

The journey

As fate would have it, Glakk has joined a pair of adventurers; the roguish archeologist Jubilation Jones, and the orphaned druid Zane. They’ve turned out to be a formidable team with a penchant for finding trouble. It seems sticking with them is going to be a good path to shiny things and glory.

The search

Glakk measures his worth first through his prowess in battle and second through the wealth he has gathered. Will he find the glory he seeks through adventuring with his new friends?

The reveal

With each foe he defeats and each powerful magical item he acquires, he’s finding that his need for more only increases.

The price

What principles will Glakk be willing to sacrifice to achieve his goals?

The return

Will Glakk return to his former home one day to face his family/former owners?

The change

What will Glakk do if given the chance to return to his roots after having become a notable adventurer?


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