A hunter for the Vastwood chapter of The Order of The Wasp


Was sent on a mission by Ketil Sol along with Jamek, Jahana, and Nesirath to retrieve The Eye Of Ghul’Gol but was beat to it by Jubilation Jones, Spoony Witterism, Ielena, and Raxz.

After a reluctant alliance between Jelin Caydensong and Ketil Sol, Arieres joined Jubilation Jones and the others to help search for The Hand Of Ghul’Gol

After witnessing the unchecked evil coming from The Vastwood Wilds at The Sacking Of Dale, Arieres travelled with Ielena to appeal to her family in The North Road Syndicate, her contacts in The Order Of The Wasp chapter in The Vastwood, and The Temple Of The Vale to do something about it.

Physical Description:
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Knowledge: Bounty Hunting
Occupation: An agent of The Order Of The Wasp
High Ability Adjectives: stealthy, agile
Low Ability Adjectives: keeps to herself
Mannerisms: Twirls hair
Interaction: Woman of few words
Born In:

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Background: (Criminal)
Was raised in a family belonging to The North Road Syndicate.

Class: (Ranger[Hunter])
Trained as a bounty hunter in The Vastwood.

Life Events:
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Parents: …, …, …
Siblings: …, …, …
Children: …, …, …
Other Relatives: …, …, …
Romantic Interests: …, …, …
Enemies: Io Fadisforeward, Anghus
Notable Friends and Acquaintances: Ielena, Jubilation Jones, Raxz, Spoony Witterism, Jamek, Jahana, Ketil Sol, En’vie Mortel, Ters Reid, Jelin Caydensong, Svan Fulbout, Ingtak Kabul, Zane, Wynn, Glakk


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